All About Beauty is a modern Beauty Institute specializing in skin-improving and skin-rejuvenating treatments.

A healthy and radiant skin that suits who you are, using the latest techniques in the field of care and treatments.

All About Beauty specializes in;
-10 years younger in 1 treatment
-Skin lifts and firming
-Reduce wrinkles and lines
-Reduce dark circles and eye bags
- Refine skin structure
-Reduce pigmentation spots
-Tighten jaw and neck
- Reduce chin
- Reduce wrinkles around the mouth
-Remove couperose and steel warts
- Local slimming
-Tighten the skin of the body

We treat o.a. with the following techniques;
HiFu Ultherapie (Ultherapy, Ulthera)
Meso/Carboxy/peel (microdermabrasion, mesotherapy en carboxytherapy)
Bindweefselmassage / Cupping
carboxy therapie
Peeling (fruit acid, lactic acid, AHA, BHA)
Chemical peeling (TCA peeling)
Biowave (micro current and cavitation)
RF radiofrequent tripolair
-Collagen and elastin recovery therapy (microneedling elastin infusion)
-Led and chromo therapy (evado, softlaser)

Treatment starts at 85 euros

Curious about the best treatment for your skin? Make an appointment now for a free consultation and discover without obligation what All About Beauty can mean for your skin!

Looking young and radiant is a balance that we have to find in many areas; a healthy lifestyle, a good day and night rhythm, low stress and of course good skin care.